Sunday, November 4, 2007

Update on Carol

Carol is getting a break from the fun of Iraq. Seems some one got evacuated from Bagram airbase in Afghanistan and they needed a stand in for a couple of months. Carol has a reputation of getting stuff done, and done well so she was sent to Bagram about a week ago.

She says it is colder there than it was in Kirkuk. She is hoping to get back to Kirkuk in about 60 days. She really likes the mission in Iraq because she gets to do some cool stuff.

If any one reading this needs to send her something (real or electronic) get in touch with me as the move came with a new physical address and a new email address. She does thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and any goodies or emails you have sent. She is pretty busy and may not get to reply to you all so I will continue to relay news through this blog.


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